The concluding "Ardhanariswar" with Sharmila's immaculate muktabhinaya describing the union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva in one body spoke of the dancer's premeditated practice.

- The Narthaki, 2011
The contrastingly energetic performance by Sharmila Mukerjee, a show in grace and poise,had a blushing Radha tell her friend about a clandestine meeting with Krishna in the forest.

- Deccan Herald (Bangalore), 2008
Brilliant direction and choreography by Sharmila Mukerjee coupled with dramatic music score was a strong backbone on which the children of The Oral School for Deaf Children worked in tandem to finally showcase a visually stunning piece of dance drama.

- The Times of India (Kolkata), 2003
This composition was brilliantly performed by Sharmila Mukerjee - and her graceful movements and perfect poise gave a finesse to the dance and the
rendition was simply flawless.

- The Asian Age (Kolkata), 1999
Having seen Sharmila before, one was struck by her mature recital. She has spontaneity, clear hand gestures and fluid body movements.

- Amrita Bazar Patrika (Kolkata), 1990
Sharmila Paul's Chandrabali was the best danced role, full of caprice, as well as good body movements and Abhinaya.

- The Statesman (Kolkata), 1988
Sharmila Mukerjee's dance drama was marked by excellent nritta, nrittya and an abundance of grace and movement.All the dancers showed poise and excellent balance in their sculpturesque poses.

- Sunday Hans ( Hyderabad) 2012
Sharmila Mukerjee , a seasoned Odissi dancer from Bangalore, ruled the stage as Surupa( the transformed princess) with her graceful choreographic expressions, stylised movements and distinctive abhinaya which blossomed with appropriate eye movements.Her dramatic skills were enhanced with co-ordinated stances,some beautiful Brahmaris, especially Kunchita-Brahmari and Anga -Balayita.

- The Hindu-(Kolkata)2012
Sharmila's dance was extremely good; her body manifests a suppleness of energy which is always in a tenacious control projected through a deliberate practice.The gusto of her performance reverberated right from the beginning.

- The Hindu( Bangalore)-2010
Splendid choreography and defined harmonisation with good usage of the proscenium by Sharmila 's students_"Hari riha mugdha" commenced, exhibiting Sri Krishna's playful attitude with the gopikas.

- The Hindu( Bangalore)-2012
In Bangalore today, thus Kelubabu brand of Odissi is left to one individual:Sharmila Mukerjee.This quiet Calcutta talent has made her presence felt with her consistency and dedication to the cause of Orissi.

- The Narthaki -2009
Perfection in sensuous expressions and fluidity of body marked the commencement of Sharmila Mukerjee's Odissi dance recital.Performing the pure Odissi dance steps to the beats of the pakhawaj and the unique way in which she presented the abhinaya , made her dance exceptional.

- Mathrubhumi( Kerala)-2006